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Denniel Ritchie

I joined the veterinary field to help animals. I was always trying to take in strays as a child and it was a lifelong dream to be a technician. I attended Olds College late in life and graduated in 2012. My personal favourite area of vet med is nutrition. It plays a vital role in everything from longevity to recovery from major illnesses. I love the flexibility of my clinic and the team I work with. Every time you are unsure of something the team bands together and researches or shares information they know to come up with a solution. I was always a “dog person” until I met “my” first kitty that loved just me and only me. He opened my heart to the special love a cat can provide for you.


Nutrients Vs. Ingredients

Every pet food bag has an ingredient list that goes in descending order and there is alot of hype around what ingredients are in food but what about what nutrients are in your dog food?

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