Rabbit Services

Our team provides veterinary care to rabbits to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

We offer compassionate and comprehensive care for our rabbit patients which includes everything from wellness to emergency care. Rabbits are energetic pets who love to socialize and play often. They benefit from interactive and physical stimulation. To learn more about our services, book an appointment by calling 403-527-4888.

How often should I bring my rabbit in for a veterinary exam?

Your rabbit, like all pets, would benefit from an annual exam. We’ll be able to monitor their physical and mental health and spot early signs of health issues.

What are common diseases my rabbit may encounter?

Like many animals, there are a variety of medical conditions a rabbit can develop. However, veterinarians can offer you the best preventative plans and treatment to tackle these diseases. Uterine cancer, rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) and hairballs are just a few of the medical complications your rabbit can have. Uterine cancer is preventable through spaying and RHDV is one of the many diseases our vaccinations combat. Hairballs are obstructive clumps of hair that can get stuck in your rabbit’s stomach. This happens due to their self-grooming habits. This also let’s pet owners know they need to increase their rabbit’s fibre intake to encourage them to release the fur in their feces.

Do you spay or neuter rabbits?

Yes we do! As many people know, rabbits reproduce rapidly (say that fast!). In fact, they reproduce more often than dogs and cats. When female rabbits are spayed, they’re more likely to avoid reproductive health issues in their ovaries and uterus. As a result, they can live longer and healthier lives. Getting your male rabbit neutered decreases their chances of displaying behavioural issues such as boxing, lunging and mounting.

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