Equine Services

Offering preventative and emergency care for horses. Call us for more details.

Horses are majestic and loyal beasts. We are honoured you have chosen our veterinary centre to supply their medical needs. At the moment, we offer preventative and emergency care for horses. For all other issues, we are happy to refer you to a specialist who can test, diagnose and treat your pet with top-of-the-line equipment. To learn more about our equine services, contact us at 403-527-4888.

What medical services do you provide for horses?

Here at Animal Medical Centre South we provide basic services for horses such as vaccinations and emergency care. Horses are susceptible to all kinds of medical conditions, like parasitic infections and injuries. We’re able to assist with preventive care by providing vaccinations and blood tests, including Coggins testing, to detect underlying issues, such as Equine Infection Anemia (EIA). These protective measures avoid illnesses spreading amongst your herd/team/string. Also, when necessary and you’ve said your good-byes, we offer on-site euthanasia.

When will our horse need to be referred to a specialist?

In the instance of surgical options we will refer you to an equine specialty clinic for your beloved horse’s care. Most equine services can be done at the clinic or on your farm depending on your specific needs and the individual situation.

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