Farm and Large Animal Services

Delivering comprehensive veterinary care tailored to farm and large animals.

Our medical practice is conveniently located near many farms and equestrian centres. We cater to all kinds of medical conditions affecting your horses and cows and are happy to travel to your location to diagnose and treat them. As a clinic that specializes in large animal medicine, we offer in-office and on-site care depending on the individual situation and service. Call us today at 403-527-4888 for more details on how your farm family can benefit from our services.

What kind of services do you offer on-site and at your clinic?

We’re familiar with many farms in the area and don’t mind paying you a scheduled visit. We’re able to provide natal care to your horses on-site. This includes pregnancy checks and minor surgical procedures. When it comes to maintaining their dental care, teeth floats (filing their teeth) are generally done under sedation in clinic. This allows for proper examination and completion of the procedure. Call us today to book your horse or herd today. Emergency services are available 24/7 with one of our large animal veterinarians.

Do you perform semen testing?

Yes we do! Bovine Semen Testing is one of the many ways we can assist large animal caretakers in their breeding plans. We offer semen testing services on-site for small numbers and at your ranch or farm for larger numbers. A chute is required but services can be arranged around your schedule. During this time we can also submit Trich tests (to see if they have a parasite) for your herd as well. We ask for bookings to be done through our front office by calling 403-527-4888.

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