Dr. Chelsey Zurowski


Dr. Chelsey Zurowski
Dr. Chelsey Zurowski Veterinarian

I chose the veterinary field because I love animals (especially cats), I like helping people and animals. I attended UCVM for vet school and I graduated in 2021. Prior to this, I completed an undergrad in Zoology and a Masters in Evolutionary Biology because I am a nerd.

I really enjoy surgery and dentistry and have a soft spot for small ruminants. What I enjoy most about my job is the variety in my days - I can go from horses to dogs to guinea pigs in one day. I love our team at AMCS - we tend to have a lot of fun at work and on the hard/sad days, we are very supportive of one another. It’s a great team to be a part of, and also…. there are usually snacks.

In my spare time, I enjoy crafting and have dabbled in pottery, knitting, sewing, painting, candle making, soap making, weaving, furniture flipping, and more! In addition, I have a large house plant collection and my favourite genus is Hoya.