Cognitive Decline In Dogs

Is your pet aging well physically but you think they may be having some cognitive dysfunction? Check out the six points below and if your pet is suffering because of any of them contact your veterinary team to see if they can offer some solutions.


Does your dog stare blankly at walls, floors, or out into space? Do they get stuck or have difficulty getting around objects in your home. Does your dog no longer recognize familiar people?

Interactions with people and/or pets altered

Does your dog have a decreased interest in petting? Spending more time alone or away from family members? Does your dog seem more clingy or fearful?

Sleep/Wake Cycles Altered

Is your dog restless or waking at night? Does your pet vocalize at night? Has your pet been sleeping a lot more during the day?

House Soiling, Learning and Memory

Is your dog no longer signalling to go out? Is your dog having decreased ability to respond to learned commands like names, tricks, etc? Are you having a hard time getting your dog’s attention or are they seeming increasingly distracted?

Altered Activity

Has your dog no longer been playing with their favorite toys? Have they been less interested in an exploration of areas or decreased interest in playing with family members? Are they showing repetitive behaviors like licking, circling, or chewing?


Has your pet experienced increased anxiety when separated from you? Do they seem more fearful or reactive to auditory stimuli? Do they have an increased fear of going to new places or even going outside?

What to do if you answered yes to some of these questions…

There are a few options out there for dogs at this point in time with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. It is said that if your pet is 12 -14 yrs old there is a 23% chance they will have CDS and that number increases with age to 41% of pets greater than 14 years old. So don’t feel alone we are here to help your pet age gracefully so you can enjoy the golden years of their lives.