Vaccines vs. Parvo Treatment, Risks?

We have fielded a number of parvo cases and wanted to just wanted to help pet owners compare the risk and cost. This is why we recommend a full puppy series of vaccinations to try and save puppies and money too.

Vaccination Series

Vaccinations are completed every 4 weeks until your puppy is 16 weeks old. This means every puppy receives between 3-4 vaccinations. The series costs an average of $350-$475. This includes a number of wellness visits as well to ensure your pup is in prime health while it grows with your family.

Parvo Treatment

Parvo treatment is intense. Parvo treatment entails the following. Initial Fecal testing, Bloodwork (sometimes daily), Inter venous Fluids, IV anti-emetics(anti nausea), IV antibiotics (usually multiple types). All staff that enter the room must follow strict isolation protocol and even holding the puppy is risky so they get pets and love through gloves and gowns. All equipment needed for the isolation room must stay in there and be disinfected with bleach every day. On average the puppy is tended to 6-10 times during working hours meaning full gown up and disinfection protocol every time in order to prevent the spread through the clinic. The average time for treatment is 3-5 days. This means that 50 times someone has to gown up and disinfect themselves, this is the reason isolation care costs more. The medications are given at least 3 times a day and the other visits are to try and force-feed, clean, and complete additional testing on the puppy. It is difficult for staff and the puppy being treated. The average cost for parvo treatment at our facility averages $1200-$1500. This price could increase if the puppy is in dire straights and requires things like multiple plasma transfusions or more intensive treatments.

The Bottom Line

When you look at the facts keeping your puppy isolated and well vaccinated is a small price to pay when looking at the extensive treatment needed for a pup with parvo. Have more questions? Ask below and we will be sure to answer them.