Cannabis Concerns

With the legalization of cannabis, we have personally seen an increase in the cases of cannabis ingestion by pets in the home.

What happens if my pet ingests cannabis?

Cannabis ingestion has many symptoms based on the amount of product ingested, the type of product ingested (CBD vs. THC and oils vs. dry product). The cases we have seen have been mostly ingestion of dried products either before or after smoking, yes the remnants of a that joint is toxic! Symptoms include ataxia, disorientation, vocalization, enuresis (inability to control your bladder), altered heart rate, difficulty managing body temperature, tremors, seizures and even coma.


When treating cannabis ingestion we treat them symptomatically so we treat nausea with anti nausea medication, dehydration with intravenous fluids and so on. Unfortunately some symptoms simply need time to be dealt with and symptoms like disorientation, coma etc can take days to clear up even with treatment.

Rule number one of toxicity

If you are concerned your pet has ingested anything; legal or not you MUST tell your veterinary team so they can initiate the appropriate treatment to help your pet recover faster and more effectively.