6 Tips To Start A Food Trial

One of our staff recently started a food trial for their cat and didn’t realize just how much prep there is involved. Here are some great tips on things to do when starting a food trial.

  1. Get your new food home: Your vet probably has a recommendation for food for your pet, this recommendation comes from years of schooling and personal experience. Plan to feed this diet and nothing else (unless suggested by your vet) for an average of 6 weeks.
  2. Ask about treats: Some feeding trials have a specific kind of treat that can be given with it some do not. If your diet does not have a treat option many pets will accept single kibbles as treats during the day.
  3. Get a new scoop: Everyone has a trusty measuring cup or scoop they use to dish up their pets, ask your veterinary clinic for a new scoop or cup or clean your old one thoroughly.
  4. Clean your storage container: Never put new food in a container that has had another food in it if you do transfer your food to a container.
  5. Clean the bowls: Scrub those bowls to start fresh.
  6. Set a start day and keep a journal: Journalling during a feeding trial or anytime before a vet visit can be incredibly helpful. It will tell your veterinary team so much information. Journal if there is a mistake in the feeding trial and grade how your pet is doing before and after. This also gives us a new start date if looking for a strict program.