New Product – Calming Care

The mainpoints of Calming Care by Purina

  • Proprietary strain BL999 helps dogs maintain calm behaviour.
  • Improvement shown in dogs showing anxious behaviour such as excessive salivation, vocalisation, jumping, pacing, spinning and more.
  • Helps dogs cope with external stressors like separation anxiety, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds and changes in routine or location
  • Helps dogs maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events. This promotes a improved emotional state
  • Helps manage cortisol response to anxious events and supports healthy immunity.

How do you give it?

Every box includes 30 individually packaged packets. Every day simply sprinkle the powder packet on your dogs food.

When does it start working?

You should give the packets for six weeks to see full efficacy but some dogs show progress before the six week timeline. In the case of one of our patients improvement was seen in about three weeks.


My dog would spend its days staring out the window waiting for my return and barking at everything that passed by. Since starting calming care she spends her days playing with the other dogs instead of waiting for my return. She now seems happier in general which makes me happier too. Now we have started our old dog on it too to see if we can reduce his stress level from living with big dogs that he’s not a huge fan of.