Weight Management for Pets

Assist your pet in achieving a balanced weight through our weight management program.

Your pet’s health can benefit from our weight management consultations. When your cat or dog is obese it means one or two things; they have an underlying medical condition or they’re being overfed. We can help you with both. When your pet comes in for their appointment, we’ll weigh them and discuss their eating routine. We’ll also run diagnostic tests, like bloodwork, X-rays or ultrasounds, to search for invisible illnesses. Then we’ll create a weight loss and dietary plan. Combined, these treatments will help them lose weight and consume the appropriate nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. Call us at 403-527-4888 to get them started on their weight loss journey.

How do weight management consultations help my pet lose weight?

By providing a service that specifically centers their weight loss, we’re able to cater to your pet’s particular needs. We will create a weight loss plan that is suitable to their lifestyle and health conditions. Your pet deserves specialized care. Our consultations allow us to monitor their progress, determine what works for them, what doesn’t work for them and learn how pet parents are managing at home.

How does my pet’s weight loss journey affect our home routine?

Your pet’s weight loss journey is not just a change in lifestyle for them. It also means pet parents will interact with their furry loved ones. You may become a victim to sad eyes and dejected moods. Do not give in or give up! Our veterinarians will provide you with a structured eating schedule and techniques on how to dismiss begging. Owners will have to commit to getting their pet to exercise and be patient and creative in order to keep them moving.

If my pet is doing fine, why would they need to lose weight?

Many pet owners aren’t able to tell their pet is overweight. However, every cat and dog breed has an ideal size. If they are obese, this will affect their health in the long run. They are more likely to develop diseases like cancer, heart disease and arthritis. In fact, if they already have arthritis, weight gain will aggravate their condition to a state where they will experience chronic pain.

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