Vaccines for Kittens & Cats

Contact our team to create a vaccination plan for your feline friend.

We offer a variety of vaccinations for both cats and dogs. Vaccines are injected into your pet’s body to teach their immune system how to fight off viruses. They contain bacteria and diseased organisms that are altered to stimulate cells into warding off infections and sickness. Find out the best time to vaccinate by calling us at 403-527-4888.

At what age should my cat be vaccinated?

Cats should begin their vaccination journey when they are approximately 8 to 16-weeks-old. We call it a journey because they will be receiving a series of vaccinations. The next shot they receive will come 3 or 4 weeks later and so on. In some cases, we arrange booster shots a year later to keep their immune system strong. Our veterinarians will assess your pet’s particular situation and schedule your pet’s future vaccinations accordingly.

Do indoor cats need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Even if your pet doesn’t explore the outdoors, without vaccinations they will be vulnerable to diseases that insects and other animals bring inside the home. Ensuring your pet has a strong immune system protects them from parasites and ensures they have a long, healthy life.

How will my cat feel after their vaccination?

What happens after your pet is vaccinated is a very common concern. Rarely will cats develop side effects from vaccinations. Occasionally, they may feel sore where they were injected, vomit or have diarrhea. These symptoms do not last long. If they do, contact us ASAP.

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