Ultrasound and X-ray for Pets

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Ultrasounds and X-rays (radiology) are diagnostic tools that provide immediate results and let us know the kind of treatment your pet needs. We can use them to search for pregnancies, parasitic infections or swallowed items. They’re so precise that they can show us the shape, size and condition of your pet’s organs. Abnormalities, such as growth or inflammation, become visible and indicate whether your pet has a disease. To schedule an ultrasound or X-ray with us, book an appointment by calling 403-527-4888.

What are the benefits of X-rays?

At Animal Medical Centre South, we operate state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment. This diagnostic tool has the ability to read and forward radiographs to specialists. We rely on a network of trusted specialists to get a second opinion. Under emergency circumstances, results and a second analysis are received within 2 hours. Radiographs at our clinic range from full body to full mouth. We operate different X-ray machines for each purpose. Digital gives us the best and fastest images in order to properly assist in diagnosis of various diseases.

What are the benefits of an ultrasound for pets?

Ultrasounds allow us to see the finer details of your pet’s organs. We also have access to a variety of vets who have taken additional continuing education in the art of ultrasound who can provide a second opinion. This ensures our diagnosis is precise and our treatment plan is guaranteed to support our patients. We use ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis of pregnancy, bladder stones or inflammation, foreign bodies, tumors and more. Ultrasound is also used for simple tasks such as collecting urine via cystocentesis (using a needle to obtain a urine sample) from our less cooperative patients. Having a clear visual of your pet’s internal system allows us to examine them thoroughly and safely.

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