Rehabilitation for pets aids in their recovery, enhancing mobility and overall quality of life.

As part of our ever-growing services, we now offer appointments with certified rehabilitation veterinarian Dr. Jan Stalwick. Rehabilitation services are great for post surgical recovery, trauma recovery and aging assistance. Rehabilitation has been shown to improve and speed healing for many pets. We are happy to offer this service to all of our patients no matter their age or condition. Contact us at 403-527-4888 to find out what your pet can gain from our rehabilitation services.

What happens during a rehabilitation session?

During these sessions, your pet will be evaluated by one of our veterinarians to determine the severity of their condition and what they can tolerate. The doctor can offer treatment plans for a variety of conditions, including sports injuries, geriatric conditions and arthritis.

What kind of treatment plans are available for my pet?

There are a range of options available to pets to improve their healing process. We don’t offer them all but we can refer you to the best places we know. The kind of treatment recommended for your pet depends on their condition and temperament. Physical rehabilitation, like hydrotherapy, is a great way to strengthen your pet’s muscles and get them moving. Non-invasive services are also an option, including laser therapy and acupuncture. They reduce pain and eliminate inflammation in the afflicted areas.

How can acupuncture help my pet recover?

Acupuncture is great for pain relief because it stimulates the movement of cells, which helps rejuvenate damaged tissue. They are gently placed along your pet’s affected area and promote healing of many conditions. Musculoskeletal conditions, medical issues in their muscles, joints, ligaments and cartilage, can be greatly improved by this treatment. This ancient therapy has been shown to advance healing and manage pain for a number of conditions.

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