Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Optimize your pet’s diet with professional guidance.

A major part of keeping your pet in good health is making sure they have a fulfilled diet. This means receiving the right amount of nutrients and minerals for their breed. Through blood tests and routine physical examinations, we can tell if your pet is lacking nutrients. From there, we’ll design a nutritional plan that accommodates their needs and medical limitations. Every pet’s goal is different and we will cater to their particular dietary requirements. To learn more about your pet’s nutritional demands, book an appointment by calling 403-527-4888.

How can my pet benefit from nutritional counselling?

You and your pet can gain a lot from our nutritional consultations. Pet owners can learn what they can and cannot feed their pet. Even if you are an experienced pet owner, these lessons are invaluable. Blood tests can reveal your pet’s allergies and we can guide you through what to avoid and how to supplement the nutritional losses from the omitted foods. You can even learn techniques to create a structured feeding routine at home. This will familiarize your pet with disciplined eating habits, which tackle obesity and troublesome behaviour. The nutritional plans we prescribe can help your pet lose weight, keep their immune system strong and develop a shiny coat. Regular consultations help us monitor their progress.

How frequently should we schedule a nutritional consultation?

The frequency of your pet’s consultations depends on the overall goal. The objective could be losing weight or dealing with iron deficiency. Based on the goal, your veterinarian will schedule these appointments with you. It can range from monthly, semi-annually to annually.

Where can I buy nutritional food for my pet?

We have a wide selection of nutritional food and supplements to guide your pet into a healthy diet. Check out our Online Store to see what we offer.

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