Euthanasia Services

Providing compassionate care during a difficult time.

There are many decisions pet owners will have to make in their pet’s life and whether they should be euthanized is the most difficult. Euthanasia is a painless and natural process that ends your pet’s life. Pet owners are welcome to be in the room with their pet during this stage but we understand if that is too hard to do. The important thing to remember is you gave your pet the best care and home you could. We are honoured to share those last minutes with your furry loved one.

Why would my pet need to be euthanized?

Pets are usually euthanized when they are getting too old to function well or are terminally ill. Euthanasia is an act of mercy and compassion.

How will my pet be euthanized?

Euthanasia involves a lethal injection of pentobarbital (seizer medication), which stops the heart. We also administer sedation to get their body to relax. They may have slight reactions as they drift away such as mild twitching or panting. This does not mean they are in pain. If they do have a reaction, it will not last long as the injection works fast.

What happens after they are euthanized?

We expect pet owners to decide how they’d like their pet’s body to be handled. We can provide resources to pet cemeteries or crematoriums. Emotionally, we know this will be a devastating time and encourage pet owners to celebrate their pet’s life with a memorial. There are many animal loving online communities that will understand the grief pet owners are experiencing. Don’t hesitate to share fond memories of your pet and how you’re feeling.

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