Dermatology Services

Specialized care for diagnosing and treating skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Skin troubles? We’re here to help. Dermatology focuses on the health of your pet’s skin, fur, nails and, let’s not forget, the ears! Your pet’s skin condition can be a sign of allergies, anxiety or parasites. We know a pet’s sudden skin reaction can be one of the most confusing problems to deal with. We’ve seen many conditions and are prepared to offer the best treatment possible for your pet. Contact us today and let us help you and your pet get some relief and work towards a diagnosis together. You can reach us by calling 403-527-4888.

What kind of support do you offer pets with skin conditions?

We offer shampoos, topical medications, foods, injectables and long acting skin and ear solutions to treat (or avoid) a variety of skin conditions. We also sell grooming equipment to help you keep your pet’s fur silky smooth. Check out our Online Store to see if there are any other products your pet may love.

What kind of skin conditions can my pet have?

There are plenty of reasons your pet could be itchier than usual. They may have been exposed to poison ivy or ticks in the region. New products at home, chemicals in cleaning supplies or food, can also trigger a skin reaction. Before we tackle the cause, the first step in caring for your pet’s well-being is recognizing the signs. If their skin has developed sores, blisters, hot spots (raw, moist areas) or bumps, it’s time to bring them in for an appointment. They may even be showing signs of discomfort by excessive itching or awkwardly moving to avoid touching the afflicted area. The sooner we can examine your pet, the faster we can diagnose and treat them.

How can I find out the cause of my pet’s skin condition?

We can’t guarantee you’ll always find the source of your pet’s skin problem but we can try. First, we’ll have to diagnose them through blood tests and a thorough head to tail check. Then we’ll have an in depth conversation about our findings. During this time, we’ll ask questions about where they’ve been, spaces they like to explore and displays of odd behaviour. These inquiries let us know whether your pet has been exposed to parasites in risky areas, such as woodlands or a new dog park.

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