Bloodwork Services

A simple method used to diagnose and treat ailments in pets.

A simple blood test reveals a wealth of medical conditions that need to be treated or simply monitored. Thanks to regular blood tests, we can detect illnesses before they become fatal or cause long term damage. However, not every pet responds well to needles, so we’re prepared for all kinds of reactions. In many cases, they simply need to be soothed. In other cases, they will need a sedative to keep them calm and still. Our veterinarians will be prepared to cater to their needs. Get your pet’s blood work records started by booking an appointment with us at 403-527-4888.

Are blood tests only necessary if you’re searching for a medical condition?

No. Blood tests are mandatory for every pet, regardless of their condition. The results of your pet’s blood tests expose underlying medical conditions and let us know what kind of treatments are best for them.

Do I need to prepare my pet for a blood test?

Yes, although tests can be conducted without prior notice if the vet thinks that a closer analysis of your pet’s health is needed. If a blood test has been scheduled head of time, we will usually ask that pets fast 6 – 12 hours before their appointment. They must be well hydrated and not have too much exercise before they come in. While they’re at the clinic, the main focus is to keep them calm. We recommend bringing a familiar and adored item from home and to keep them on a leash/in their carrier to discourage anxiety.

What can I learn about my pet from a blood test?

Blood tests let us know if your pet has allergies, bleeding disorders or diseases. We can detect the condition of their organs, the existence of parasites in their system and if they’re pregnant. Ultimately, when these issues are revealed we’ll know how to treat them in the future and predict the direction of their health.

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