Behavioural Counselling

Addressing your cat or dog’s behaviours with expert guidance.

Behavioural counselling is a bonding opportunity for you and your pet. Pets will be taught how to curb their disruptive behaviour, while pet owners will learn the reason behind their pet’s behaviour. These consultations will provide long term improvements to you and your pet’s everyday life. Coming home to a well-adjusted family member makes the home a safer and healthier place for everyone, including guests and extended family. The frequency of consultations vary depending on your pet’s condition and how quickly they learn. We’re a patient team and encourage pet owners not to rush their pet’s pathway to success. To schedule a behavioural consultation with us, book an appointment by calling 403-527-4888.

How do I know if my pet needs behavioural consultations?

We determine whether your pet needs behavioural consultations based on the conversations we have with you, the pet owner. At every veterinary exam, we will discuss your pet’s mood and behaviour. If we learn they’re exhibiting unhealthy attitudes we will recommend you and your pet come in for a session. Behaviour to look out for includes anything that may threaten the safety of those in your home and others you may encounter. Look out for excessive hissing or growling, biting or damaged furniture while you’re away.

Are behavioural counselling and training the same?

Through behavioural counselling, we can uncover underlying physical or mental conditions affecting your pet’s actions. Often, we’ll discover that a pet’s behaviour is a response to a past trauma or to an invisible medical illness. In a way, behavioural counselling is therapeutic support, which teaches your pet how to cope in a healthier way. However, training focuses on etiquette. It teaches pet owners how to communicate with the pet and teaches pets how to behave well and play nicely with others.

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