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Nicole Plamondon

I graduated from the Animal Health Technology program in Olds in 2001.I grew up on a farm in a small town in rural Saskatchewan, and my passion for animals is what led me to my career as an AHT. You could always find me tending to my animals, nursing them back to health, or bottle feeding a baby of some sort. Cats are my favorite, and you will always find 1+ in my possession (who doesn't love a cuddling, kneading, purring machine as a lap warmer). Recently my family and I moved back to the Medicine Hat area, and it wasn't a hard decision for me to get back into the veterinary industry. Currently I have 2 cats in my house, a spicy old lady and a curious two year old which makes for an interesting combination. I enjoy swapping stories with my co-workers about events that weren't so funny then, but you can laugh about them now.


Nutrients Vs. Ingredients

Every pet food bag has an ingredient list that goes in descending order and there is alot of hype around what ingredients are in food but what about what nutrients are in your dog food?

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