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Marrissa Howlett

Technician Assistant
I chose the veterinary field because of my love for animals, especially dogs and for the opportunity to work with people who also love animals. I attended an online program for Veterinary Assisting levels 1, 2 and 3 and graduated in 2016. The areas that interest me the most are anesthesia and behavior. What I love about AMCS are the people that I work with! Some fun facts about me include: I don’t like bacon. I am like an 80-year-old lady and in bed by 9pm. I am also known as Massissa and people call me the “wiener whisperer”. I drive a truck that I have to hop into and I wear crocs every day, all day.


Nutrients Vs. Ingredients

Every pet food bag has an ingredient list that goes in descending order and there is alot of hype around what ingredients are in food but what about what nutrients are in your dog food?

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