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Jessica Gray

Client Care Leader
Jessica was born and raised in the Medicine Hat area. She graduated from the Veterinary Office Assistant program at the Academy of Learning in 2000. She began working as a receptionist at a local clinic in 2003 and has been working in the veterinary field ever since. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know clients and spending time with their furry companions. She is married and a mom of busy twins. Her hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, travelling, being outdoors and shopping. Jessica and her family share their home with 2 cats named Enzo and Kenny. Enzo was named after a player on Big Brother season 12 whose nickname was "Meow Meow" and Kenny was given his name because Jessica loves cats with human names.


Nutrients Vs. Ingredients

Every pet food bag has an ingredient list that goes in descending order and there is alot of hype around what ingredients are in food but what about what nutrients are in your dog food?

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