Prevent Periodontal Disease with Small Animal Dental Services in Dunmore

Before and after animal dental cleaning

Periodontal disease affects nearly every pet at some stage in their lives. Here at Animal Medical Centre South, we offer not only dental cleanings but many preventative options as well.

The Best Medicine is Prevention!

How to prevent pet dental disease:

  • Brushing – The gold standard for periodontal disease prevention
  • Gels/water additives – Great for those hard to manage pets or multiple pets
  • Dental diets – A great option and easy to maintain
  • Treats – We have seen amazing results with certain treats

Dental Cleaning Procedure

Here is the step-by-step process of how your pet spends the day when you bring them in for a dental cleaning at our clinic:

  • Exam – Your pet will first undergo an exam with a doctor and a technician on your pet’s case.
  • Bloodwork – Pre-surgical bloodwork will then be taken if it is warranted and okayed by you.
  • Sedation – Sedation is used to help calm your pets and allow us to proceed with the cleaning. The very sleepy puppy or kitty now is induced, which makes them sleepy enough to intubate and connect to oxygen to maintain an airway during the procedure.
  • Oral Exam – Very similar to your own dentist visits, we examine the mouth and grade the teeth and gums before cleaning.
  • Cleaning – Clean those dirty teeth. We use a combination of electric scalers and hand scaling to get those teeth pearly white.
  • Polish – Once the general cleaning is done, we polish your pet’s teeth for a beautiful shine. Sadly, your pets don’t get to pick the flavor.
  • Radiographs – We usually do full mouth radiographs for a proper diagnosis of oral disease once the cleaning has been completed.
  • Extraction – If teeth need extractions, the doctor will now move from monitoring anesthesia to removing teeth. Teeth that are removed are sutured up to close the opening and promote better healing.
  • Rinse – After the extraction is completed, your pet’s mouth will be rinsed out.
  • Wake up – After the procedure is completed, it’s time to wake up from the anesthesia.
  • Monitor – Once your pet is awake, we’ll monitor for pain. We keep them for a few extra hours to ensure they are in no discomfort, and if they are we adjust their medications to manage properly.
  • Home time – When you come to pick them up we will go over the procedure with you and go over any medications you’ll have to administer at home. 

If you think it’s time your pet’s teeth were cleaned to prevent periodontal disease, contact our Dunmore clinic!



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