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Surgical Services

We know the idea of your animal companion having surgery can be nerve racking. They are invasive and intense procedures. However, our practice is equipped with top tier equipment and pain management services that will support your pet while in surgery and after their procedure. We have expert veterinary surgeons who can treat both small and large farm animals. If we recommend surgery for your pet, we will explain the benefits, potential risks, ways you can prepare them pre-operation, and provide recovery support. To learn more about our surgical services and how your pet can benefit, call us at 403.527.4888.

What surgeries do you offer?

Surgery is a large part of our practice. We complete routine scheduled surgeries from Monday to Friday. We offer many surgeries including, spaying and neutering, lump removals, gastropexy, ocular defect repairs, orthopedic procedures, C-sections and much more. Our team provides after hours surgery for emergency cases as well. We also have a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon come to our clinic to handle complicated repairs on scheduled days.

Do you provide any services that help my pet recover from surgery?

Does your pet suffer from chronic pain? Has your pet suffered a recent injury? We have a number of options for pain management including anti-inflammatories, pain medication, rehabilitation exercises, supplements, and even laser therapy. These methods are used to reduce post-surgical afflictions and chronic pain associated with injuries. They can also support your pet when they’re experiencing changes from aging, like arthritis.


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