Unwanted Summer Guests - Fleas, Ticks, Worms

During warmer months we experience an influx of patients presenting with fleas, ticks, and worms of various types. Here is some information on the various types of parasites we commonly see:

  1. Prevention is key - Being proactive can save you a lot of time, money and heartache.
  2. Fleas – Fleas usually only like one species but infest your home not just your pet. Generally if your pet has fleas you will spend a great deal of time and effort cleaning your home if the pet has been inside at all. Fleas can come from many sources such as pet parks, grooming salons, rodents etc. When treating for fleas your pet will be on medication for an average of 3 months to help minimize the risk of re infestation of your home and pet. 
  3. Ticks - Ticks can be found in any grass or wooded areas. We have had pets come in with ticks that had only been in their own yard. Ticks can carry Lyme disease and although it is rare in our area, it is not unheard of. Early detection and removal or death via medication is key.
  4. Lice - Similar to fleas but much easier to kill and they do not like to live in the environment. Most medications that kill fleas and lice can help with prevention of lice.
  5. Worms - Worms are often acquired from eating feces of other infected animals of various species or eating small rodents. Deworming should be done every 1-3 months during high risk months or as per your veterinarians’ recommendations for your specific pets need. Worms are also getting a bad rap as some worms can live dormant in the human body for years only later to be discovered as a deadly liver cyst. 

All of the creepy crawlies are most prevalent during the summer months due to the warm weather however they can be present in any month. It is always important to talk with your veterinary team if you have concerns and want prevention for your pet(s).

More questions? Ask the Animal Medical Centre South's vets here.

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