Three Great Alternatives to Declawing

Does your cat claw at furniture or even at you and it has prompted you to consider declawing? In some cities and provinces the practice is being banned so this has led to an influx of other options available to cat owners in need.

Did you know they make a spray called FeliScratch to encourage cats to not scratch specific surfaces to help you redirect to the desired scratching surface?  Learn more about it here:

Another great option is soft paws. These are nail caps placed on your cats nail after trimming. If you can trim your cats nails these are generally easy to apply with two people. Learn more here:

Alternatively teaching your pet how to scratch and play on different surfaces can be done in a number of ways. Some great cat tips are available here

Every case is unique and you should discuss your needs and wants with your veterinary team before making any health decision for your cat.

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