How to Choose a Pet Insurance Company

Did you know pet insurance coverage is on the rise to allow for further advancements and treatments for our pets? Have you considered what would happen if your pet came down with a major illness or suffered an injury? Do you have money put away for this purpose? If the answer is no, pet insurance may be a good choice for you.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Insurance covers a variety of services and products all dependent upon your level of coverage. Some plans are limited to accidents, some cover up to $5,000, while some carry unlimited coverage and include everything from preventative services to extensive specialist appointments.

How Do I Pick the Right Plan for Me?

1. Visit each website and view the comparison section. This will point out the most positive parts of that company as well as the negative points of their competitors. Do this on each company’s site to get an idea of each company’s pros and cons.

2. Compare apples to apples. Look at the level of plans that are similar. Don’t compare a cover all plan with a plan that is accident only.

3. Ask questions. Make notes about what you like or don’t like about each company and call or email them directly to ask questions and get to the bottom of the policy.

Links to some of the more common companies we work with:
Trupanion -
Petsecure -
PetPlan -
24HourPetWatch -
PetsPlusUs -

Have more questions? Ask the Animal Medical Centre South's vet here.

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