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Dr. Megan Herman


Dr. Megan's passion for pets began early in life, she has loved cats with a passion like no other for as long as she can remember. This love inspired Dr. Megan to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. She knew from a young age she was going to be a vet and a great one at that. In 2017 she purchased AMC South with her husband.

Aside from a love of cats, she also enjoys things like water skiing, snowmobiling and traveling. The running joke is that Dr. Megan has the right amount of cats for the square footage she owns. Currently they share their home with two cats Weasel and Sherman, then there is her clinic cats Baboon and Meredith and finally the shop cat Nermal. Recently Dr. Megan and her partner welcomed their second child into their family.


Nutrients Vs. Ingredients

Every pet food bag has an ingredient list that goes in descending order and there is alot of hype around what ingredients are in food but what about what nutrients are in your dog food?

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